1st birthday real men sow

Happy 1st Birthday Real Men Sow

They say time flies when you’re having fun…

Real Men Sow is 1 year old today. Hip hip hooray!

The time has gone very fast. I’ve got married, saved a small fortune, and enjoyed lots of quality time with my mum.

I didn’t really start blogging properly until the turn of this year. I spent a couple of months finding my feet, easing myself into regular posting and working out what this blogging malarkey involved.

Most Popular Posts
This is the 112th post I’ve written in that time. The most popular have been the Introducing the Real Men Sow Savings Spreadsheet and 8 Ways to Get Free Seeds. I guess money saving is important to a lot of people right now.

The most visited day was June 4th, when I posted about mum’s super squash planting method. I like to think I’ve written some good posts, but I’ve also written the odd crap one too!

I still find it strange that people pop by and read my blogs, but regularly checking my Google Analytics stats has really boosted my enjoyment of the blogging process. I loved the whole progression, from signing up to a web forum at the very beginning, tweeting and reading and commenting on other people’s blogs.

More Than One Blog?
It is hard to maintain momentum sometimes. I’m not naturally a prolific blogger, and at first, I had difficulties finding the groove. Trouble is when you really get into it, one blog doesn’t always feel like its enough, and I’ve often caught my mind contemplating starting sister sites on cycling, fishing, and local food.

What is the Point of Blogging?
Many people often ask me what is the point of blogging? ‘No one’s interested in you,’ the most cynical way. For me, it’s learning and sharing a community. For example, my mates aren’t interested in growing fruit and veg, so the blogosphere is a wonderful place to go and talk to people with similar interests, and find out what’s doing well on their plot, or different ways to combat that pesky whitefly.

There is also a satisfaction in creating and shaping something. I’ve found that having a little corner of cyberspace that I can call my own is rewarding and enjoyable. In fact, it’s not dissimilar to owning a house, and your own opportunity to create a reflection of your life and everything you love.

Here’s to the next year, and thanks very much for reading.

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  1. Congratulations on your first year. I think you’ve shaped up a very nice bit of cyberspace for yourself and your visitors.

  2. A lot has happen this year mate but don’t slow down on the blogging, it’s a nice way to see that you are still active whilst I’m away in Oz.

    Real Men Sow —– Jamie Bearman likes this!

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