foraging with mum in the rain

Foraging With Mum in the Rain

My mum’s not been herself recently, so I took the day off work for some mother and son time. I was planning a forage, but boy did I pick a day for it. The heavens opened as soon as I got up, and the rain was to continue all through the day.

However, I remembered mum regularly telling me and my brother that we’re not made of cardboard, and when I saw the postman valiantly delivering letters on her bike this morning, I grabbed my rain mac and headed out.

Our first port of call was a greengage tree on an open space not far from where I live. Mum was soon up the trusty old foot ladder, filling up a bag with the sweet green plums.

foraging with mum in the rain

Mum often talks about ‘scrumping’ in her childhood, so she knows all the tricks. A walking stick was apparently what we needed to pull the tall branches down and nab the bigger fruit at the top of the trees.

Alas, we didn’t have a walking stick, but we did get a carrier bag full of gorgeous greengages. We also filled another bag full of eating apples from a tree next door. I find it so strange how close these trees are to houses, yet the fruit remains unpicked. You can see the houses in the photo below, as well as all the apples that had dropped and rotted on the floor.

foraging with mum

This photo shows just how delicious the apples looked too. It’s a funny old world sometimes.

foraging in the rain

We then moved on to an old orchard in the next village. It’s full of apples and pears, and mum was soon trying to work out the different varieties.

mum in the rain

By the end of the day, we were wet but happy. We’d run out of bags, and mum had apples coming out of every pocket.

mum foraging apples

The car boot was full with plenty of comice, Williams and conference pears, and Worcester and cox apples as well as this funny shaped variety that I’m not sure of (any suggestions gratefully received).

foraged apple

I have no idea how many apples and pear we picked, but I don’t reckon I’ll be buying any for a few weeks, that’s for sure. The final greengage weight was 2.7kg, which is kind of crazy given that they’re 6 quid a kilo in the shops.

It is amazing what you can find on your doorstep. I also located a walnut tree that I’ll be heading back to some time soon. The only things we didn’t find in the quantity of were Bramley apples, and the ones we did were very small. Looks like a disappointing year for these.

But better than anything, I spend a great day with my mum, despite the rain.

Good scrumping Jan.

fruits from foraging

5 thoughts on “Foraging With Mum in the Rain”

  1. oh! good lord! I mean, those apples and pears look gorgeous, and they were just there for the picking? I’m as surprised as you.

    Now I’ve got the foraging bug… sadly in London?? local park has crab apples, but they look very small and stunted…

    Nice to see you had a good day with your mum in spite of the rain!

  2. Goodness that is a lot. I’m really bad at foraging probably because I worry what to do with it all and when. Have elderberries growing over fences both side of garden so think I will try and do something with them this year.

    Your Mum looks like she enjoyed herself – well done

  3. Your mother is ADORABLE. I think I see my future self in the photo of her with an armful of apples. Despite being a modern young lady living in a big city, I get the exact same sense of glee from picking wild fruit. Glad you two had such a great day!

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