manuring day has arrived

Finally, Manuring Day Has Arrived!

We came, we saw, we conquered.

The biggest pile of manure I’ve ever seen. Mum was on hand to root out the dark, well-rotted stuff.

As we loaded the box trailer for the first time, I remember thinking ‘how on earth are they going to get rid of all that horse muck?’ I guess it gets spread on the fields. It’s a good job the fields are big around here.

Anyway, on with the story of Saturday’s manuring mission.

Getting the manure into my back garden was never going to be straight forward. I don’t have off-street parking, and my house is semi-detached. Predictably there were no parking spaces directly outside the house, so I had to park about 50 yards away and walk the box trailer to my front gate.

Next up, I maneuvered the barrow to the gate, and mum shovelled the manure into the barrow while we both apologised to passers-by for blocking the pavement with a trailer full of horse crap. Once the barrow was full, squeezed it down the side of my house towards the patch, where the muck was tipped out.

We filled the box trailer three times in total, following this process again. We got a few odd looks, and I had to laugh to myself at the odd spectacle.

As the sun went down, I finished raking the manure over my growing area. I’ve left quite a thick layer of muck as I don’t reckon my soil has had any attention for years, so will need plenty of nutrients put back in.

The plan now is to leave the manure to rot down, and then I’ll dig in over winter.

Funny, this growing your own business – there is something very exciting about looking over a freshly manured patch, ready to start growing all over again.

manuring day

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