enjoying doing nothing

Enjoying Doing Nothing

Its that time of year when gardeners harumph, forlornly fingering through catalogues wishing it was spring.

I’ve witnessed lots of unhappiness with the dark evenings and dropping temperatures and while I can definitely understand the discontent, I’ve got to admit I’ve been enjoying the break.

With the help of my mum and Ailsa, I had one good crack at clearing up a couple of weeks back, but apart from that, I’ve spent very little time at the plot recently. The harvests are tailing off, and there is no pressure to keep watering, weeding, or sowing.

A Big Commitment
Running an allotment is a big ask during the spring and summer. I pretend it’s not, but the seasons that I’ve been really successful are ones when I’ve normally spent most Saturday mornings on the plot, plus a good watering and weeding session three times a week.

Of course, I love this – I wouldn’t run a plot if I didn’t – but it’s a commitment, and I’ve found that come November, the opportunity to kick back and take some time out is most welcome. Harvests on the way to work and a quick wander around once a week to see what’s going on are about the sum of my efforts during the onset of Winter.

A Nice Time to Relax
Early winter is a period for the veg grower to chill out, knowing that everything will by and large tick along for few weeks without complaint. My parsnips are content to sit in the ground and the onions are planted and sprouting, for example.

I know there is loads to do over the winter, like digging over and manuring, but for now, I’m going to enjoy some weekends away from the plot. It’s a good time for reflection and to recharge batteries. Too much of a good thing and all that.

This year, I had grand plans of sorting everything out during Autumn in a super-efficient, organised way, but it’s not really worked out like that and my cosy Winter lethargy has set in.

In the past, I’ve really enjoyed the few days off over Christmas to get down to the plot and get stuck back in. By then, I’m ready to start all over again, and the Winter Solstice always rejuvenates me, knowing that the days are slowly but surely getting that little bit longer…

Until then, I shall enjoy doing nothing.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Enjoying Doing Nothing”

  1. I think it is a general feeling for us all at this time of the year, We have given everything to our gardens and allotments, its time they gave a lot back, and I am sure that at Christmas you will reap the rewards with great food to bring to the table.

  2. As its my first year I have found myself in a strange place in recent weeks. I am so used to going to the plot early Sunday mornings and like you on the way home a couple of times a week. But now it is too dark and cold after work and my enthusaism on a Sunday morning is waning. I have a bed to dig over which hasnt been dug before and some weeds to remove but you are right I have all winter to do it. I think I might take a leaf out of your book and relax – thanks

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