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Celebrating National Allotment Week on Real Men Sow

Tomorrow is the start of National Allotment Week, and organisers, the National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners, are encouraging us to use the event to ‘…show the world how much fun an allotment can be’.

Well, I thought, I can’t let this pass without marking it somehow on Real Men Sow, so I’ve lined up some of my favourite allotmenteerists, both newbie and expert, to give an insight into why they love their plots.

Tomorrow, I’m honoured to start with the inspirational grower and author John Harrison (pictured), who founded The site is absolutely bursting with brilliant advice and information and has grown into the UK’s most popular allotment webby.

I’ve got 5 plotholder profiles to put up, and every single one is full of enthusiasm and reminds me just why I love allotments.

For more info on National Allotment Week, check out the NSALG website, where there are lots more ideas on how to celebrate, including opening your site up to the public and selling surplus produce in aid of your allotment society.

Happy Allotment Week.

The full list of profiles are as follows:

Featured Allotmenteerist #1 John Harrison

Featured Allotmenteerist #2 Jo Bratt

Featured Allotmenteerist #3 Tracy Bose

Featured Allotmenteerist #4 Sean James Cameron

Featured Allotmenteerist #5 Martin Searle

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  1. I love your blog! interesting, humerous and informative! I’m an allotment newbie and I shall be learning as I go, but loving it so far. It will take me ages to read all this and check out your photos!

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