autumn busyness

Autumn Busyness

My blogging levels have dipped recently, and normally this means I’m disorganized. Refreshingly, I think this lack of action is actually down to Autumn busyness.

I love all the apples that are readily available this time of year, and I’ve been trying to work through the big pile that I foraged with mum a few weeks back, as well as the bag of windfall Bramleys I was given by a mate.

Stewing and Storing
I’ve been munching the eaters every day, as well as stewing the bruised cookers for freezing. Stewed apples remind me of being a kid, and is still one of my favourite after-dinner snacks.

The shed is now stocked with some apples wrapped in newspapers, which I find is the best way of storing my prime fruit for winter. Included in these are a bag of D’arcy Spice, which is a rare, local variety that becomes sharper in taste as it matures.

The new River Cottage Veg Everyday book arrived last week too and is full of so many tasty looking recipes that I’ve been inspired to spend lots of evenings cooking. We used to be veggies but started eating small amounts of meat about two years ago, following the ethics that HFW is promoting in this book.

I’ve heard the book is described as hiding bland veg in loads of spices, but have to disagree. It takes a lot to eradicate the taste of fresh veg, and being fans of spicy food, these recipes are right up our street. My faves so far are the spicy chickpea and carrot pittas and the baby beet Tarte Tatin. I was rather proud of the Tarte Tatin as my effort actually looked like it did in the book.

Biking and Fishing
The bike has been getting a lot of use before the dark evenings and muddy trails arrive, and I’ve also trying to rekindle my love for fishing. I’ve not been much this summer, so have tried to use some of my allotment sentiments to do this. It’s been good to try and relate the art of catching a fish to growing veg. I’ve regularly obsessed about keeping us in fish and losing sight of simply enjoying what I’m doing. The tripod is now back in action and I’m back fishing with one rod, so I can actually sit down and take my surroundings in.


Work on the Plot
And of course, I’ve been spending time on my plot. I’m determined to keep focused this Autumn, follow my plan, and get everything done by the winter. I’m working on a bed-by-bed rota basis, digging over and manuring as soon as possible. Me and mum emptied the potato bed at the weekend, and it’s now rough dug and ready for some good stuff to be popped on top.

It’s the squashes and toms next, which are dying off and need harvesting. The squashes will store fine in the shed and on shelves around my house, but the green tomatoes, in particular, might require a few more evenings work to chutney…

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