Aubergine anticipation

Aubergine Anticipation

I have an aubergine.

It’s only a tiny aubergine, and I have no idea how it got there.

I have been trying to grow aubergines ever since I took my allotment on. This year, the plants died within a couple of weeks.

At least I thought they did. Somehow, there is a small aubergine growing next to my courgettes. On closer inspection, a Moneymaker marker is stuck in the ground. I did put it there, but I was certain those aubergine plants were as dead as a dodo.

So, I tend to my plants daily; watering and feeding, desperate for an aubergine. And nothing happens.

I leave the remains, tread on them, let everything grow over the top, and they sprout me an aubergine.

With the daylight hours rapidly decreasing, my aubergine fruit is unlikely to get any bigger – not that I mind this. I’m excited enough by its sheer presence. It means I can start to dream about next summer already.

Hope springs eternal.

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