allotment 011

And here it began…

I was going to start blogging on the day the clocks go forward as it always seems like the start of something new, and a good time for reflection.

Then I thought I might as well just get on with it.

The end of the season might seem a strange time to start blogging about allotmenteering, given that I’m about to enter the least productive period. But then again, I can bore the pants off anyone at any time about my plot.

And if the guys at Grow Your Own magazine can produce a magazine all year round, then surely I can knock up the odd blog post every few days.

Besides, I can always write something about cool veg-themed t-shirts, why growing your own can save you from bloodthirsty predators, or how John Humphries can keep deer off your plot as well as stick it up to our politicians.

Apart from this, I’m hoping I can provide a jolly insight into growing your own fruit and veg, and share some allotment tales with other bloggers.

Away we go…

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