edible house for a mouse

An Edible House for a Mouse

Dear Mr. Mouse,

It must be pretty tough for a mouse this time of year.

Me and mum have enjoyed watching you running around the garden while we share a pot of tea, so we’ve found a little something from the store that might help you out.

We’ve put a hole in one of our crown prince squashes, and left it out by the back fence for you. It’s kind of like an edible igloo. You should be able to squeeze in there and scoff your face on the nutty, orangey flesh.

Turn right at the herb garden, keep going straight until you get to the pile of logs, and the squash is just to the left, by the pond. If you’ve got access to Google Maps let me know, and I’ll point it out to you.

Hope this sees you right until the end of winter.

However, there is a condition. Do me a favour and stay out of the greenhouse come spring. I want some nice early peas this year, and I could do without you and your mates munching all my seeds.




P.S. If you could have a word with the pigeons too, that’d be great.

P.P.S. Oh, and the rabbits. Thanks.

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