apple and cinnamon flapjacks

An Allotment Cake For the Weekend #11 – Apple and Cinnamon Flapjacks

When I’m not growing veg, I love riding my bike. I do a 25-mile round trip commute to work on my bike 3 times a week, and I’ll ride Saturday morning. To do this, my stomach needs a snack first thing, so usually, I eat cereal bars.

However, recently I’ve been thinking I should try and make an alternative. A six-pack of decent cereal bars are over 2 quid in the shops, plus it would be nice to have complete control of how much good and bad stuff goes in them. So I’ve been looking for a quick, simple recipe that I could knock up on Sunday for the week ahead.

I think I’ve cracked it with these flapjacks. I wanted to find a recipe that didn’t have huge amounts of butter, and also included some seasonal fruit too. And what’s more, it’s occurred to me that a flapjack would make the perfect allotment snack. Easy to make, and great for a lunchbox.

My flapjacks are based on this Ocado apple and blackberry flapjack recipe. These are soft, moist flapjacks so different from the crunchy cereal bars I’m used to eating before rides.

I’ve no blackberries left in the freezer, so I used 3 average-sized Bramleys and replaced the Demerara sugar with dark brown muscovado. I also mixed in 1 and a half teaspoons of cinnamon to the mixture before baking.

The beauty of this recipe is that I reckon you could use all sorts of different fruit as it comes into the season: I’d like to give rhubarb, pears, and raspberries a go, and I’d like to mess around with the other tastes as well, such as ginger with the rhubarb.

This recipe is not necessarily luxurious, but the flapjacks are a really cost-effective way of producing tasty little snacks to get you going or fill a hole. The recipe makes 10 and the flapjacks have kept well in an airtight container for a week now.

And they’ve been hitting the spot perfectly before my rides. Tomorrow, I head to the plot with the remaining flapjacks to eat during my tea breaks.

I think I might have discovered a staple.

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