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An Allotment Cake For the Weekend #10 – Fresh Ginger and Apple Cake

I haven’t made an Allotment Cake for the Weekend for ages, but after Dee from Greenside Up very kindly called it ‘…a lovely feature’, I feel inspired to rectify this.

Plus, I think I’m slipping nicely into winter mode. The early nights are here and suddenly Saturday evening becomes the perfect time to bake a cake whilst listening to the football scores come in.

And I don’t need to get into the best man’s suit anymore. 🙂

Ginger and Apple?
Earlier this week, I had a very tasty ginger muffin. Whilst munching away over a cup of tea, I contemplated what the muffin might be like if it contained some apple too. I was taken with the ginger/apple concept, and it just so happens I had some Bramleys that needed something doing with them.

If, like me, you haven’t got an apple tree on your plot, keep your eyes peeled as people are always giving away bags of windfalls during Autumn. I find cakes are an excellent way of using up windfall fruit.

A quick google didn’t offer up much info on the apple and ginger muffins, or anything much else using the two ingredients. All I could find was an apple and ginger cake that had been added to the Delia Online community by a user called Lesley.

Squidgy and Spicy
A ‘squidgy, spicy cake that improves with keeping’ was promised, and having all the ingredients already, I was sold.

I used brown muscovado sugar, which made the mix look and feel like a chocolate cake and until the apple was added, was quite dry. I also increased the grated ginger by an extra 10g ginger before the cake went into the oven as I wanted a stronger flavour.

After about 50 mins a knife came out clean and we were in business.

At first, I was puzzled by the mixing of sugar and honey to spread on the top. I thought a better idea would be to prick holes in the cake for honey to drizzle in, but the apple makes the cake moist enough. In fact, the sugar/honey mix gives the cake a crunchy top which I really like.

Easy and Fast
This cake is really easy and fast to make. The result by far outweighs the effort put into making it, which is always an indicator of an excellent cake recipe in my book.

I’d recommend eating with a big dollop of Greek yoghurt.

6 thoughts on “An Allotment Cake For the Weekend #10 – Fresh Ginger and Apple Cake”

  1. It’s a bumper year for apples, isn’t it? I got a plastic box full of free bramleys yesterday – one weighs 560 gms! They seem to need no sugar : just cooked with a spoon of water is sweet enough. I love ginger,too, and will be making that cake later in the week. Thanks.

  2. Definitely a good year. So many on the roadsides too. Great times. 🙂

    The cake is improving with age – last piece gobbled up tonight. The texture is almost bread puddingy. Let me know how you get on with it.

  3. Hey Alan – I’ve thought about it now I’ve got a greenhouse. Did you use ginger from the grocery store, or do you have to buy special stuff?

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