Carl Legge's Rhubarb and Polenta Cake

Allotment Cakes for the Weekend #6 – Carl Legge’s Rhubarb and Polenta Cake

I love Carl Legge’s rhubarb and polenta cake. It means business.

There is no subtle rhubarb flavour or gentle rhubarb topping. This is unashamedly a rhubarb cake, and 500g of the sugary sticks prove the point.

As soon as my rhubarb plants start producing good yields each spring, I make Carl’s cake. It’s truly wonderful, and a cake that my wife reckons is the best she has ever tasted. Last year, she even asked me to bake it instead of buying an Easter egg.

The photo is this year’s effort, which was as delicious as always. Carl’s recipe is based on Nigella Lawson’s rhubarb cornmeal cake, but with added ginger and cardamom, as well as flaked almonds for a crunchy topping.

Carl also substituted 50g of the plain flour for rye flour, but I’ve used all plain and the cake has still been delicious.

Please check out some more of Carl’s recipe on his blog, where he talks about life on his 3-acre smallholding on the Llyn Peninsula in Wales and the food he cooks.

You can also follow Carl on Twitter @carllegge

6 thoughts on “Allotment Cakes for the Weekend #6 – Carl Legge’s Rhubarb and Polenta Cake”

  1. It’s is a bit out of season but appropriate as I slobber over a damson jam sandwich: re your post about making damson-the-queen-of-all-jams. I used to fiddle about with counting stones and all the rest of it but now this is my method: wash the fruit and simmer gently with just enough water to stop it sticking (a cup full?) for 30-40 minutes then push it through a colander, not a sieve, rubbing it through til it’s nearly dry. Wash more flavour through with another cupful or so of water. Measure thie result – all of the pulp and none of the stones or skin – and add an equivalent amount of sugar, a bit of lemon juice and a teaspoon of butter. Heat gently til the sugar is thoroughly dissolved , bring to the boil etc…. Intense flavour, no counting! Some damson jam from my daughter’s friend didn’t compare – the flavour is diluted if there’s too much water added. (IMHO 😉 ) I wish I could find “free” damsons!

  2. It’s my birthday this weekend and I’ve made some subtle hints about this being my cake – mainly by forwarding your post pointedly to my wife.

    Thanks for the post Jono – really enjoying your baking escapades!

    1. Hey Chris, Happy Birthday!

      Mine’s on the 21st, and I’ve been hinting for some kind of rhubarb cake as well. Told my wife she can write a guest post about it afterwards!

  3. Thanks for the share! What a brill recipe- made it (and shared it with the attendees) for the Dixter study day on Monday. Needless to say it vanished pretty quickly. Great way to get through the seemingly endless rhubarb too! xx

    1. Hi Cathering

      So pleased to see my recipe travelling far and wide and that people are enjoying it 🙂

      And, once more, thanks to Jono for his great work in spreading the recipe far & wide 🙂


  4. Thanks Catherine, that’s really awesome to know!

    Hopefully it goes a tiny way to paying you back for the wonderful hospitality you provided us at the bloggers day I went to at Dixter recently. 🙂

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