courgette, lime, and coconut cake

Allotment Cakes for the Weekend #14 – Courgette, Lime and Coconut Cake

Last week, I posted up some recipe ideas for courgettes, as I was in the midst of the annual glut. Afterward, I was tipped off about a courgette cake by a Twitter user (and fellow Canary) C_14 Fr15by

The recipe came from a great blog called From Plot to Plate. From Plot to Plate is a blog written by Zoe, who is sharing her kitchen activities over the course of 2015, using all of the fruit and veg harvested from her plot.

There are lots of original recipes on there, including quite a few more ideas for courgettes, but it was this cake that really caught my eye. Courgette, coconut, and lime was such an interesting trio of ingredients that I couldn’t resist giving it a go.

I enjoy baking cakes with courgettes – they’re not used so much for their taste, but more their texture. The texture was the first thing that struck me when I tried the cake. It has a fantastic texture, thanks not only to the courgette but the desiccated coconut too.

Its also not too sweet, which makes a refreshing change for a cake. That said, I couldn’t help icing mine using water and icing sugar, as well as some more lime zest for an extra zing.

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