trampling the bean trench

Ailsa Shows How to Make a Runner Bean Trench

I’ve never done particularly well with runner beans, so this year I’m going to do them in rows, rather than the traditional wigwams. I also decided to dig a runner bean trench over winter to give the plants the nutrients they need come summertime.

Today, I did that. Well, my glamorous assistant Ailsa did. I just took photos.

1. One trench, a foot deep and a foot wide.

ailsa makes a runner bean trench

digging for a bean trench

2. Fill it with kitchen scraps, compost, manure, or any old plants you’re done with. I pulled up some broccoli and broke it into smaller lumps. This will rot down and make sure the runner bean plants get all the nutrients and trace elements, as well as help to keep moisture around the roots.

compost for bean trench

3. Trample it all in.

trampling the bean trench

I’m not touching this again until spring. I’ll continue to chuck good stuff in it until that time, and then I’ll fill the trench in and plant my seeds.

If this doesn’t turn around my recent rubbish runners record, then nothing will.

I’ll blame Ailsa if not.

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