spring clean for real men sow

A Spring Clean for Real Men Sow

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that Real Men Sow has had a spring clean (even if it does feel like the middle of winter out there).

I’ve installed a new layout which I think looks much fresher, and has more flexibility so I can start grouping all my features together. I’ve started by creating an archive of the Allotment Years, which is every post I’ve written since the beginning of Real Men Sow, to the day I gave up the plot to concentrate on my new garden.

I’m planning to make a nice micro-section for all the money-saving tips and findings I built up during the 2011 Veg Money Saving Experiment. Having all that stuff together in one place will hopefully increase worth to the reader.

There are a few other minor changes, such as a more obvious commenting facility (I do love to receive a comment) and a design that functions on mobile devices.

I’ve still got one or two things to finish, such as updating my blogroll and deciding exactly where everything is going to sit on the homepage.

A couple of new features will be appearing soon too, starting with an Allotment Cake for the Weekend, coming this Friday. I’ve set myself a challenge to cook a cake a week for the next year, using a homegrown ingredient every time, and will be sharing my successes and failures on the blog.

I’m also waiting for some nice weather so I can refresh my About Me photo. I think the time has come to move on from the marrow…

2 thoughts on “A Spring Clean for Real Men Sow”

    1. I do like to keep myself busy Alan 🙂 and with all the different people coming round to see Lewis, I need to plenty of cake to go with their cups of tea!

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