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A Patch from Scratch May Video Update

For a change, I thought it would be fun to do a Patch from Scratch update using our little flip cam.

I did it in one take, got my son’s age wrong (he’s three and a half months), forgot most the good things I wanted to say, and realised just how much I’m beginning to look like a proper dad, with my bald spot and crap hair.

Ailsa’s camera work is rather jumpy, so apologies for any nausea caused. This is entirely my fault, I didn’t actually tell her the route I was going to take around the plot. This is because I didn’t know myself.

Perhaps if I do another video, I’ll slow down, keep to my 2-minute limit and, y’know, plan what I want to say.

For now, sit back and marvel at a waffly man heading for middle age well before his time…

9 thoughts on “A Patch from Scratch May Video Update”

  1. Funny the things one always notices about oneself, cause if you hadn’t mentioned that patch I wouldn’t have noticed ;-)) – and yes, it really does come across how small your veg garden is, very impressive how much you can squeeze in.

  2. Thanks Alan – I’m hoping to get a lot more squeezed in before the end of the season. I was thinking if that would be a reaction I get from the vid. I’m not sure I’ve successfully conveyed how small the area is. But hey, small is beautiful, right??

    haha, unfortunately baldness got my dad just like it will get me Helen! I find trying to get as much in as I can really inspiring and fires the creativity in me. Great feeling.

  3. They were one of the things I forgot about. And the little gooseberry bush that has seeded itself.

    Chillis have been in greenhouse for weeks. Thinking of planting them out into the soil in there at weekend. I’ve got flowers and everything, and I’m rubbish at chillis. Dead chufffed.

  4. Thanks so much for the video! Don’t know what I enjoyed most, looking at your garden (which did not come across as small at all to me) or hearing/seeing your son! Good job on both counts.

  5. Thanks Liz. The little ‘un is magic, I’m over the moon.

    the garden isn’t small, but the area I’ve been allowed / negotiated to use isn’t all that big. I reckon its big enough though. Something think we get carried away with the amount of space we actually need. I haven’t found myself wanting just yet, but it does take some thought.

  6. I have to say that having a newborn does not appear to have hampered your growing in the slightest – very impressive!

  7. Thanks Chris. Think having veg in the garden has helped massively. No where near as much space, but I can put 15 minutes to good use.

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