photographic memory

A Mini Photographic Record of Good Things That Happened While I Was Offline.

Globe Artichokes!
Lovely, grown-up artichokes. I’m really proud of these, but what you can’t see is just how big the plants are. They’re as tall as me, and each year they seem to get bigger and bigger…

mini photographic record

After three years of pea disappointments, I’m finally getting a crop. These are March sown plants, and looking good. The temptation to eat them as sugar snaps are strong though…

good things that happened

I finally harvested my first strawbs of 2012 on the 1st of June, about 2 and a half weeks later than last year. A fortnight behind seems to be the way at the moment.

photographic record of good things

The berries are still too tarte to eat raw, but they’ll be good to cook with.

photographic memory

And finally, late closing at the plots! The daylight hours are long, and I’ve been out in my garden until 9.30 pm some nights. Oh, how I love this time of year.

good things

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