little mailchimp test

A Little Mailchimp Test

A few people have asked about a signing up option, so they can get Real Men Sow posts delivered to their inbox. I’m trying to figure this out now, so this is a test post to see if I’ve cracked it.

To make it look nice, here is a photo of a strawberry I’ve grown. It could be my best ever strawb…

3 thoughts on “A Little Mailchimp Test”

  1. Can’t you just use the email signup widget/plugin?

    It’s what I use on the wordpress blog I look after for Smiths News. OK if you just want to email posts, but if you want to do more e.g. add other snippets then I’ve found mailchimp to be very good.

  2. Hey VP.

    I quite like the idea of extra stuff further down the line, so thought I might as well get Mailchimp in now rather than later.

    You’re right though, it does look to be very good. Some of the newsletters I’ve signed up for send lovely looking emails through using Mailchimp.

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