rhubarb and custard muffins

(A Disappointing) Allotment Cakes for the Weekend #5 – Rhubarb and Custard Muffins

I love rhubarb.

I love custard.

I love muffins (any cake that you can get away with eating at breakfast is a winner with me).

And I love surprises.

I also don’t have very much rhubarb to play with just yet…

…which all points to me falling in love with these rhubarb and custard muffins, again from the BBC Good Food Magazine.

Custard Surprise
The surprise element comes from the custard, which is spooned into a dip made in the dough, before being covered by some more of the muffin mixture. This is rather fiddly the first time you do it, especially for a man. My tip is to use two spoons: one holding the custard and making the hollow, and a second to scrape the custard off and in to place.

I went for 6 big breakfast muffins rather than the 12 smaller ones the recipe suggests as I like devouring my muffins to be a challenge, and besides, I’d only end up eating two in one sitting anyway.

My custard leakage rate was fairly good, with only 2 of the muffins suffering custard escapement.

A Post Exercise Breakfast Reward
This week I made the most of the drier weather and set off on an off-road cycling adventure to work. As it takes twice as long as the roads (about 1 hour 15) and thus deserving of a treat when I get there, I packed a muffin to eat on arrival at my desk.

The sad thing was that the muffin left me rather disappointed. Reading down the comments on the Good Food website, I could sympathise with many of them.

A Custard non-Surprise
The custard surprise was more of a surprise because it seemed to have disappeared during baking. I can only presume the custard evaporated. Therefore everything else was rather doughy.

The dough was not as rhubarbey as I’d have liked either, unfortunately. Not that these cakes were unpleasant, they just weren’t a patch on the previous rhubarb-based Allotment Cake for the Weekend. And they tasted more of orange than rhubarb.

Of course, this could all have been because of my amateurish cooking…

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