Reasons You Might Fall in Love at the Allotment

5 Reasons You Might Fall in Love at the Allotment :)

This morning I stumbled across the heartwarming story of Steve and Tracy Turner, who got married at the weekend after meeting at the local allotments (pictured, from the Daily Express).

They even held the reception on the plot where they fell in love and fed guests with veg they’d grown themselves.

It was a lovely tale to read over breakfast, and got me thinking whether this happens lots at allotments? I mean, they’re perfect places to fall in love aren’t they?

And so as my mind drifted off over my muesli, I was inspired to blog 5 reasons why you might fall in love at the allotments.

Likeminded People
Most of us take on allotments because we have a shared passion. That could be food, the outdoors, caring for the environment, or plain old fashion green fingers.

Either way, you’ll find common ground to talk about easily. No clumsy small talk whilst you wonder what to chat about. That’s got to be better than speed dating!

People From All Walks of Life
We’re a varied bunch down at the allotments. Whether it’s the job we do, our nationality, age, or gender there are plenty of different types of folk running plots nowadays.

It’s great to see allotments shaking the stigma of old boys growing onions, tatties, and cabbage. My local plots are full of all sorts, and there is a big variety of different crops being grown now.

You never know who you’re going to meet down at the allotments, but there will definitely be people similar to you. And if there isn’t, well, opposites attract.

Social Environment
Allotments are very social which makes for an excellent environment for getting to know others. I’d certainly be more comfortable meeting new people at the plot rather than the pub.

If you’re lucky enough to have an allotment shop, then this is a super place to start as they’re the hub of the site. Then there are the summer shows, volunteer days, and many a site social to attend.

Many a new relationship that I’ve seen has started from sharing: sharing drinks, food, books, and even sharing bikes, which is how I met my lovely wife Ailsa.

Allotments are stuffed full of people sharing seeds, plants and surplus produce.

Romantic Places!
And of course, anyone with a plot will know one thing: at the end of the day, when the sun is coming down and no one else is around, allotments are a very romantic place to be!

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